Four Books on Dementia and Aging

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The Unravelling: How our caregiving safety net came unstrung and we were left grasping at threads, struggling to plait a new one

by Clem and Olivier Martini

What happens when the caregiver needs to be cared for herself? That’s what Calgary-based playwright and author Clem Martini and his illustrator brother Olivier (who has lived with his mother since his diagnosis of schizophrenia 36 years ago) explore in their latest book. Rich with Olivier’s drawings and Clem’s heartfelt words, The Unravelling tells the story of their mother’s dementia diagnosis, which made her unable to continue caring for her adult son. Clem details his frustrations with finding care solutions for both his mother and his sibling, all while expressing his fierce love for them both. 


Our time to say goodbye: 
A Couple’s Journey Through Dementia

by Ron E. Freckleton

In this deeply personal volume, local writer Ron Freckleton shares stories about life with his beloved wife, Joan — from their extensive travels together and their love for Calgary, to Joan’s dementia diagnosis and passing.


Feeding My Mother: Comfort and Laughter in the Kitchen as My Mom Lives with Memory Loss

by Jann Arden

Drawing from social media posts detailing her mother’s experiences with Alzheimer’s, Jann Arden shares honest observations about her role as her mom’s primary caregiver. Spiked with family photos and recipes, this book is punctuated with Arden’s trademark warmth and humour. (Read more about Arden’s journey with her mother on here.)


The Unseen World

by Liz Moore

This novel tells the story of a young girl watching her brilliant father lose his cognitive abilities due to dementia. Through fiction, Moore explores the complex personal histories and truths about familial relationships that can emerge as the result of the disease.  [ ]