Transparency in Long-Term Care

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Thanks to Private Member Bill 203: Long-Term Care Information Act, Albertans will have access to an online resource listing essential information about every long-term care facility and auxiliary hospital in Alberta.

The bill was put forward by MLA Kim Schreiner in Red Deer who, after a career in long-term care, knows how stressful and time-consuming it can be to choose a new home for a loved one. “This one-stop-shop online registry is to help alleviate that stress and make it an easier transition,” says Schreiner.

Schreiner also saw how challenging it could be — especially for people with mobility issues, limited vision or cognitive impairment — to visit a facility. The registry aims to be as transparent as possible so people can access information from home in order to narrow down their choices.

Updated regularly, the registry will include details such as contact information; accreditation status and any inspection results; accommodation charges and what those charges include; other available services such as laundry, foot care, a store, etc.; the number of beds in the facility; whether or not there is a counsellor; the language spoken by staff; memory care unit options and much more.

“We want to make sure our family member is in the perfect home for them,” says Schreiner

The bill was passed in June 2018, so Albertans can expect to access the registry in the months to come. It will list more than 170 facilities across Alberta. [ ]

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