What is the opportunity?

Peer to Peer Chat Groups

Who can participate?

People living with dementia

The 10& 2 Project

Peer to Peer Chat Groups

Stay tuned because “The 10&2 Project” is coming to your province in 2023!

What is “The 10&2 Project”?

It’s a Zoom channel chat group for people living with dementia (PLWD), which will be available in each time zone at 10am and 2pm on different days of the week. Each time zone will have a different day.

When will this start?

· Ontario and Quebec (EST) on January 10, 2023 on Tuesdays

· Atlantic Provinces (AST) by end of January, on Mondays

· Saskatchewan and Manitoba (CST) by mid February on Wednesdays

· Alberta (MST) by end of February on Thursdays

· British Columbia (PST) by mid March on Fridays

Date and Time

Various – see description

Contact Information


More Information

Contact us at ccad10.2project@gmail.com for more information.