Feel at Home Gift Box

Rest & Nest offers a first-of-its-kind gift box for seniors.

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Curated with expertise. Designed with dignity. Rest & Nest offers a first-of-its-kind gift box for seniors.

Senior woman smiles and holds square decorative pillow that reads LOVE.

Photo courtesy of Rest & Nest.

Whether you are moving your senior loved one into a long-term care home or simply want to refresh their room at home, our Feel at Home Box is an easy, convenient and reassuring reminder of love.

Inspired by our own experiences in trying to make senior rooms feel cozy and keeping them enthused and engaged, we have partnered with gerontologists from DementiAbility to curate a gift box that is one part homey and two parts empowering.

If you've ever given a gift to somebody you care about, then you know just how good it feels. And seeing the joy in people is our best gift.

"She’s going to love it. Thank you for creating a thoughtful way for me to connect with my grandmother."

These reactions are what motivate our mission — to bring a feeling of care, purpose and fulfillment for seniors, their families and caregivers.

"Our gift box is a meaningful way to be there even if you can’t be there in person."

Rest & Nest

Senior woman opens Rest and Nest's Feel at Home Gift Box, revealing paper activity sets and coloured markers.

Photo courtesy of Rest & Nest.

What's inside?

Each Feel at Home Box includes room decor that is safe, practical and dignified, as well as activities designed to restore purpose and fulfillment for the senior, their family or caregiver while visiting.

Our goal with our boxes is to spark discussion, stimulate memories and create a sense of connection because we believe in the power of purpose.

Our gift box is a meaningful way to be there even if you can’t be there in person.

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Rest & Nest's mission is to improve the quality of life of seniors by making purpose an essential part of their experience. Working in collaboration with health-care professionals and seniors in the community, its collections integrate the necessities with special touches to transform any room into a homey living space.