Four Books Written by People Living with dementia

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Another way of hearing their voices and contributing to research.

Although many books have been written by a range of health professionals to provide research evidence about this topic, we also want to have more experiential evidence, which these stories by the authors provide about their journey of living with dementia.

It is noteworthy that Canada now has begun programs to involve persons with dementia and their care partners (e.g., family and friends) to be involved in research and the creation of programs based on the findings—see for example EPLED (Engagement of People with Lived Experience of Dementia).
Although the ordering information for the 4 books below is listed, you may also wish to check for their availability locally by contacting your local public or university library or the  Alzheimer’s Society.
  1. Norman,  Myrna (2020). Dementia strategies, tips, and personal stories. Victoria, BC: First Choice Books.  For further info& to order the book:  OR Email:
  2. O’Brien, Greg (2018). On Pluto: Inside the mind of Alzheimer’s (2nd ed.). Brewster, MA: Codfish Press. For further info& to order the book:
  3. Oliver, Keith (2020). Walk the walk, Talk the talk. Canterbury, UK: Forget-Me-Knots. For further info & to order the book: Contact your local book store or
  4. Rohra, Helga (2017). Dementia activist. London, UK and Philadelphia, PA:  Jessica Kingsley. For further info & to order the book:


Carole-Lynne is an associate professor emerita at the University of Calgary and the award-winning author of One Day at a Time: How Families Manage the Experience of Dementia and an Editorial Advisory Board member with Dementia Connections. She has worked with people with dementia and their families for decades, both as a researcher and community health nurse, and was co-founder of Club 35, a day program for people with dementia in Calgary. Today, Carole-Lynne is involved in a range of national and international networks focused on later life learning, active aging, and bringing patient/family insights into the health or home-care planning process.