Marketplace ads are a unique opportunity to join a group of select product and service providers to showcase expectational solutions for the diverse challenges faced by people living with dementia and care partners.

Both print and digital Marketplace ads are available.

Print Ad

Build awareness with Dementia Connections print issue readers through a ½ island or ⅙ vertical/horizontal print ad.

Digital Ad

Your digital Marketplace ad clicks through to a descriptive landing page unique to your product or service. Your landing page includes; 1-5 high resolution images, up to 1000 words of copy, and a LEARN MORE button so readers can click through to a landing page on your website.

Print + Digital Bundles

Optimize your ROI by combining print + digital ads to build awareness of your dementia-specific product or service.

Marketplace bundles are available on a quarterly basis to build awareness of your dementia-specific product or service and connect our readers to the unique solutions you offer.

Marketplace print + digital bundles include:

Print Ad

Marketplace print ad (½ island or ⅙ vertical/horizontal)

Digital Ad

Marketplace display ad for 4 months + descriptive landing page

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