DementiAbility Enterprises Inc.

DementiAbility Enterprises Inc. is dedicated to teaching health professionals and other care partners how to better support people living with dementia through research-based education.

DementiAbility was founded in 2012 by Gail Elliot, a gerontologist, author and dementia specialist. Elliot is backed by a team of experts with the same vision: to change the face of dementia from one of loss and decline to one that exposes abilities, thereby enabling each person living with dementia to be the best he/she can be.

DementiAbility Methods can be used everywhere, including long-term care homes, hospital environments, day programs and in the community. These approaches focus on enabling abilities and improving quality of life.

How can DementiAbility Methods help?

  • They can add meaning, purpose and joy to daily life to life by setting each individual up for success according to his/her unique situation.
  • They focus on creating enabled environments that look, feel and smell like home.
  • They focus on strengths, rather than loss and decline.
  • They teach care partners how to support independence and enhance function.
  • They reduce falls.
  • They address needs, and thus reduce, or eliminate, responsive behaviours (BPSDs).
  • They help care partners to understand the connections between the brain, life story, environments and behavioural outcomes.

My goal is to create better days for those living with dementia. Let’s give each person a reason to get up in the morning and something to look forward to, with the goal of helping each person to live with meaning, purpose and joy.”

– Gail Elliot