Memory loss is tough on the person experiencing it. It can also be particularly difficult for the children, spouses, and relatives of an older adult experiencing cognitive loss.

Living with Alzheimer’s and related diseases can be a long journey that spreads over many years. We are here to help.

Advances in research and medicine have increased the time we can enjoy with our loved ones. But this also means more questions and many transitions as the disease progresses.

As a team of caregivers and healthcare providers, we understand the impact and struggles of dealing with Alzheimer’s or other cognitive issues.

With this in mind, we hope to simplify your journey of caring for your loved one by selecting, evaluating, and organizing action-oriented resources for you and your loved one.

On Eugeria, you will find a range of products for daily living in the early stage of the disease up to respite services for you as your loved one enters a more advanced stage. We also provide science-based advice and practical information to help you better understand and take control of the situation.