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Proactive Seniors Advisors

Guiding and Supporting Families Living with Dementia

At Proactive Seniors, our goal is to help our clients to plan ahead, understand their care and support options and stay well for as long as possible.  We spend the time to get to know you and your unique situation to ensure our guidance and support is customized to your concerns and needs.  We have an extensive network of resources and the expertise to help you make the best decisions and choices as early as possible.

Our dementia support services are designed to help you navigate this journey.  Whether your route includes caring for a loved one in the home setting, accessing community programs or finding a supportive care facility we can help create the roadmap that helps ensure everyone is well safe and well supported and safe.  Our team approach supports the person living with dementia and the caregiver(s), and as changes occur, we can offer creative approaches and strategies to challenges that may arise.