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With the upcoming provincial election this spring, your local MLA candidates want to understand the issues that are important to you, including questions and concerns about dementia care.

Kim Bundrit of Dementia Network Calgary says this is the perfect time to increase awareness about dementia and provide education. “[Now is the time to] make it an issue. Talk to everybody you can who is running or is in a campaign and put it on their radar so that when they get elected, they know more than they did before,” says Bundrit.

According to Bundrit, the best way to raise your dementia-related concerns with your local MLA candidate is to be specific and personal. Share why things aren’t working for you and your family, or why they are. Gauge the candidate’s level of understanding by their response and, if necessary, offer to provide education and additional information, available from your local Alzheimer Society. Lastly, Brundit says to ask the candidate how they plan to address your concerns if they are elected.


Brundit suggests asking your MLA candidate these specific dementia-related questions

If you are elected, what will you do to…

  1. Improve access to support and care at every stage for people impacted by dementia (including their family and care partners)?

  2. Ensure easy-to-follow pathways or patient navigators are in place for people impacted by dementia?

  3. Ensure paid care providers are providing evidence-based, best practice care for people impacted by dementia?

  4. Ensure training is available for the families and care partners of people diagnosed with dementia?

  5. Reduce stigma and therefore isolation of people diagnosed with dementia and their care partners?

  6. Support increased/consistent staffing in care homes?

  7. Increase recreational opportunities for people impacted by dementia?

  8. Meaningfully include people living with dementia in program development? [ ]

Learn more at dementianetworkcalgary.ca.