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Fast facts about the Branch Out Foundation’s Neuron Night

Neuron Night by Kate Rhodes Photography

Neuron Night by Kate Rhodes Photography

What is Neuron Night?

Held on Oct. 30 in Contemporary Calgary’s art gallery space, Neuron Night is the Branch Out Neurological Foundation’s annual event to challenge its grant recipients to get their research out of the lab and into the world in a TED Talk-style format. 

“It is about developing the neuroscientists’ ability to communicate their science to the public in an engaging way,” says Crystal Phillips, Branch Out’s co-founder.

What is Branch Out?

The Branch Out Neurological Foundation is a charitable organization that supports research into innovative tech and non-pharmacological solutions for neurological disorders, including dementia, ALS, multiple sclerosis, depression and concussions. 

It also works to promote collaborations and helps get research and findings into the hands of the people who need it.

What can I expect?

Besides cocktails and inspiring presentations, attendees at this science fair for adults will be given the opportunity to vote for their favourite speakers. The winner, as chosen by the audience, will receive up to $1,000 to help further their research.

Neuron Night also features the “Your Brain on Art” auction, where local artists are paired with neuroscientists to create art inspired by their research. Art pieces will be on display and up for auction during the event, with all proceeds going to Branch Out. [ ]

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