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Lisa Poole, shown here with her father, John. Photographed by Laura Colpitts Photography.

Lisa Poole, shown here with her father, John. Photographed by Laura Colpitts Photography.

This past June, Canada’s national dementia strategy: A Dementia Strategy for Canada: Together We Aspire, was officially released. We are now one of 32 counties in the world with an official dementia strategy. Many people from multiple organizations were involved in the creation of this important, non-partisan document and are deserving of our gratitude. It is now up to the rest of us to make sure that their vision is realized. Let’s continue to speak up so that the urgent need for implementation of the national dementia strategy is widely understood. 

As Canada heads into a federal election this fall, it is essential for political candidates from all of our national parties to be educated about dementia. Take every chance you’ve got to tell the candidates in your electoral district about the importance of implementing Canada’s national dementia strategy without delay. Need a little guidance? Dementia Network Calgary has created advocacy tools to help you speak up. Learn more about the Network in the story “Dementia Network Calgary.”

Another way to share your experience is through participating in research. Research is critical. It will help us better understand how to prevent dementia, find a cure and optimize care. Increased funding and more volunteers are both needed, and to help point readers in the right direction, we’ve created a guide to clinical trials in the story “On Trial.” In it, you’ll discover what a trial entails and exactly how to get involved.

Your voice matters. This issue is packed with a variety of voices from across the dementia experience, including people living with dementia challenging stigma, care partners fighting for better care and researchers on the forefront of new discoveries.

There are many ways to get involved. You can write a letter to a politician, volunteer for a research project, join Dementia Advocacy Canada, or share your experience with us, in Dementia Connections magazine. Together we aspire! [ ]