Conversations with my Mother

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Sam Hester is a Calgary-based artist known for her vibrant and thoughtful comics. She is also a sought-after graphic artist and has created bespoke pieces for AHS, Dementia Advocacy Canada and many more. Jocelyn Burgener is mom to four children, including Hester, and “Nana” to six grandchildren. The 71-year-old served as the MLA for Calgary Currie for two terms, worked with the Calgary Chamber of Commerce and helped create the City of Calgary’s Civic Arts Policy. In 2014, she wrote and self-published Naked Under My Coat, a book of poetry and prose. Burgener was diagnosed with Parkinson’s in 2003 and lives in long-term care. In pre-COVID-19 times, she enjoyed Scrabble, bingo and connecting with friends and family, but these days she stays connected remotely through digital platforms. Hester shares their story here.

Illustrations by Sam Hester.

Illustrations by Sam Hester.