One Drop at a Time

Boost hydration through an irresistible candy.

Photo: Jelly Drops

Jelly Drops are an innovative sugar-free treat, made of 95% water with added electrolytes, designed to increase fluid intake among people with dementia and others who struggle to stay hydrated.

Photo: Jelly Drops

Photo: Jelly Drops

Dehydration can have serious impacts for people living with dementia who may be unable to recognize or communicate that they are thirsty due to changes in signalling within the brain. Dehydration can impact cognitive function resulting in increased confusion, may increase the risk of falls or urinary tract infections and can make medication less effective.

My momma has trouble with becoming dehydrated easily. It makes her dizzy and prone to falling. She loves Jelly drops. She calls them a treat. It makes me happy to see her happy. Such a small thing makes a huge difference.

– Sharlee Treloar, Toronto

English inventor Lewis Hornby was inspired to create water candy after his grandma Pat, who had dementia, was struggling to hydrate. After successful launches in the UK and US, Jelly Drops are now available in Canada.

A child and his grandma

Jelly Drops Founder Lewis Hornby and his late Grandma Pat, who inspired Jelly Drops

Photo: Jelly Drops

With an eye-catching colorful design and shape, the tasty bite-sized treats have a solid, yet smooth, texture that encourages independent hydration in those who may otherwise require assistance to drink. Jelly drops come in six fruity flavors: orange, lemon, blackcurrant, strawberry, raspberry and peach.

They are not recommended for those with swallowing difficulties or suspected swallowing difficulties. Consult a speech & language therapist if you have any concerns before use.

Jelly Drops offer a sweet solution to avoid dehydration.

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